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Name:Atton Rand
Birthdate:Mar 2
According to the official site:

Disaster follows Atton Rand wherever he goes. While his primary talent is cheating death long enough to stumble into the next crisis, he is also a skilled pilot, mechanic, gambler and liar. He thinks of self-preservation before all else; barring that, his most pressing concern is finding the next cantina with a Pazaak game.

According to millimuns:

"Atton comes off as crazy, but God only knows how much of that impression is worth anything, so 'scary' is probably more accurate." - Camwyn.

"Crazee." - Lorna.

"Atton is a typical would-be Corellian, despite not being Corellian, and often has the maturity of a six-year-old. Also; Can use the Force." - Jacee.


Atton is, at least on the surface, a joker of the relatively harmless variety. He makes jokes, he's sarcastic, he flirts, often without actually being interested in the person he's flirting with, he sometime plays pranks and he's definitely not the most mature person. He's crafty, untrusting, dishonest and though it might not be immediately noticeable, highly intelligent. He tends to be overprotective of other people, while at the same time deliberately taking the most risks he can. He has an unfortunate tendancy to steal things and set fire to other things. Most of the time he doesn't set fire to the things he steals, though.

He has a self-loathing streak a mile wide, a deep-seated fear of telepathic invasion and a slightly disturbing natural skill at killing things. He loves to gamble, and he actively seeks out trouble and situations that put his life at risk - Partly because it relieves his boredom, and partly because he has a death wish. He's a Jedi, and is starting to become quite a good one, especially since having troubles with Bob the Dark Jedi, being an expert with a lightsaber and having mastered several areas of the Force, though he remains mediocre to poor in the vast majority of them, and is widely regarded as the black sheep of the Order, due to his un-Jedi-ish habits, tendancy to vanish for long periods of time and his own personal and far from secret dislike of most of the Order.

He almost always knows more than he lets on.

Note for telepaths and Jedi.

Atton has been trained to resist people reading his thoughts and is unnaturally good at it. Unless the telepath/Jedi in question is extremely powerful, the most they're going to get is random numbers, or sometimes hyperspace routes. His emotions are difficult to sense, and he does not make much of an imprint on the Force.

* * * * *

Atton is in his late twenties to early thirties (though he looks like he's in his early twenties), with features that, though attractive, are not particularly striking, consisting of messy brown hair, grey eyes with a slight twinkle to them most of the time and skin with a very slight tan. He's tall, at around 6'2" and wiry, with a toned and lean physique, though he looks slightly awkward, with arms and legs are tiny bit too long, and hands and feet a tiny bit too large to be completely proportional. He looks a bit like he was a very awkward, gangly teenager and never quite grew out of that stage. He's typically found wearing a simple pair of black trousers, a beige tunic and a brown ribbed jacket. He's changed his attire since then, and is now fond of a longer (and longer sleeved), and less ribbed brown coat, and a reddish-brown scarf.

He speaks with a very thick Outer Rim accent. He usually tones it down slightly, but occasionally, it can get so thick he's difficult to understand.

EDIT: As of 26/05/06 Atton is missing the ring finger on his left hand. There's a cauterised stump there.

((Disclaimer: I do not own (nor did I create) Atton Rand or the Knights of the Old Republic games or Star Wars. I'm not making any material profit from this at all, as this journal is purely for RP purposes.))

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