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Thoughtfully: "Wanna fuck on the weight machines?"

"If you don't mind anybody else walking in on us?" Urquhart says. "Why not?"


Atton gives the bag one last punch and turns, resting his back against it lightly while he unwinds the wraps on his hands, grinning at Urquhart.
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There's a city smell on Atton's ship too - metal and pollution and dirt, just slightly. The navcomputer, in the centre of the lounge where they emerge from the bar, indicates via holographic display that they're on Coruscant.

Atton closes the door behind them and heads towards the training area, talking over his shoulder as he goes. "There's bottles of water on the counter if you want to bring one along. Hydration is important, I hear."
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Atton is in the Paradox Squadron hanger (Force knows how they managed to get a hanger into the upper floors at the bar, Atton just isn't going to ask), doing repairs on his Dart.

(The Dart is a good ship. A compact, one-person light fighter in an arrowhead shape, coloured dark grey, with as many guns as the Republic's engineers could fit on it. It's one of the smaller ships there, with only the A-Wings being smaller, and even then not by much.

The Paradox Squadron symbol is etched on one wing, along with a tally of kills which is somewhat astronomical.)

This involves lying on his stomach on the top of the ship, curved over the cockpit, in jeans, an undershirt (both oil-soaked) and a rather large welding mask, poking at an open panel with something that sparks every so often.

"Shhhh, shhhh, darling. S'okay, we're nearly there ..."
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Atton takes Guppy out onto the surface of Kazic III, into a large settlement the centre of which seems to be almost completely taken up by a festival. Which means merchants lining every street with stalls, tents for fortune-tellers, a performance going on at one end of the city centre (it appears to be the story of a particularly bloody war, represented with physical theatre by some very athletic dancers) and a stage at the other end which is currently not being used, judging by the burly men socialising and posturing at each other on it.

Atton's dressed up warm, because even though it's the warm season, it's still Kazic III, which makes it about as cold as a Scottish winter.
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Atton's room isn't very luxurious, but it's very much of his homeworld, lately - which means, for the most part, a lot of fur - fur duvet, fur rug, fur covering on a chair. Kazic III was a very cold planet at the best of times.

Atton flicks a hand at the bathroom, and there's the sound of a shower coming on, and then closes the door behind Urquhart, because Atton is a gentleman.
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The ring on Atton's ship looks like it's undergone a renovation of sorts - though the faint smell of ozone in the air suggests this was probably not out of choice on Atton's part. Atton leads Fett in.

"So, what should we set the prize money at this time?" Atton asks, fiddling about with a console by the lockers. "My opening bid is twenty-five thousand credits."

[OOM] Jaq.

Jan. 8th, 2011 12:43 am
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After about half an hour in the bar, Jaq limps upstairs to continue tending to his wounds there.

He settles down in the armchair in the corner, cleaning up the gash on his side and vaguely preparing himself to go "I'm fine!" if Lucifer turns up.
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Atton is in the gym, in a grey tank top and shorts, wailing on a punching bag with considerable vehemence.

The vehemence most likely isn't really anger, per se - more just enthusiasm combined with another sort of frustration stemming from being away from the bar for several months.

Either way, he's been there long enough that he's literally dripping with sweat: His hair is stuck flat to his head, his clothes are soaked through and clinging to him, it's flying off in droplets every time he makes a sharp movement.
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It's the middle of the night, and Atton's in the lake.

He's not over-far from the shore, and the area where he is notably warm (he used the Force to warm it up). Curving up from the lake is a stream of water, which then turns down sharply to form a shower/waterfall type thing. He's got shampoo and bodywash in a kind of tiny rubber duck boat type thing.

It's not clear if this is how he washes all the time, or if it was just impulse.

On the shore, there are his various projects - a few swords, a few guns, a few cube shaped objects of indeterminate usage.
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"Okay," Atton says, holding the door open for Kale. "We're going to have to stay with my brother until I find us a place of our own. Shouldn't be more than a few days."

The door leads out onto a rectangular white room with a dozen tiers, and large windows looking out on a dark green landscape with a glowing purple sky.

There aren't any people around, currently. It's practically a ghost outpost.
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Kazic is going through a warm period, which means its still very, very chilly. But there's no snow or ice, just highland and a sunless, glowing purple-and-blue sky.

Atton brought kind-of-traditional wear with him, which is to say he wore a kilt (and a t-shirt. That's less traditional). He doesn't seem at all bothered by the cold.

He holds the door (suspended between two massive trees) open for Will.
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As soon as Will let him into Nottingham, Atton gave him a quick thanks, told him he'd be back by the next morning (morning after that at the very latest) and Force-sped off to London.

Once there, he sought out Much. Not exactly a difficult task - he'd been there often enough to know where and when the group of fighters Much was a part of met to fight.

(It crossed his mind that he might be a bit madder than usual: Much had beaten him three times, and while his pragmatic mind said it might be time to stop trying, his competitive mind said to keep going.)

So, he headed to where Much and the other fighters usually were, keeping an eye out for them.
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Atton doesn't celebrate Earth holidays, but he does have that particular eagerness to please that means he revels in the chance to give stuff to people.

This is why, when he saw Kale in the bar, he - without any kind of preceding explanation save 'I've got something for you! - grabbed his hand and started pulling him, with all the fervor of a very excitable puppy, up the stairs.

[OOM] Lake.

Nov. 3rd, 2009 11:31 pm
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Atton has carted a little table and some moving targets out by the lake, and is testing out some of his newly designed weapons.

Most of them are swords of some kind, by the looks of it, but there's two high-tech pistols and what looks like an upgraded version of his vibrodisk.

He's also got a lamp set up. The lake area is dark at night.

Currently, he's got what looks like a sheathed katana in his hand - black metal, mostly, or black cloth. He's tapping some keys on the sheath, though, rather than attacking with it.
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Jaq is sat upon a clifftop, staring outwards into the distance.

There was someone in the trees earlier, watching from afar, but he's gone now. Jaq doesn't suspect he'll come back soon.
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There's not really any such thing as a morning on Kazic III, but if there was, now would be it. There are people starting to mill around the village, setting up market stalls, and off on a higher cliff, guards running through training.

There's something approaching breakfast (some kind of mostly tasteless porridge) being made in the Tae household, but Jaq is conspicuously absent.
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When the door opens, Atton bounces through with all the enthusiasm of a young boy who's been told that he's going on a trip to the Puppies, Comics and Fireworks Store, whereupon he will be given cake.

He's also, for once, completely unarmed, which is arguably a very poor idea when going anywhere with Fett, but never mind.
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Kazic III doesn't have a day or a night - the sky constantly glows with shifting patterns of warm, pleasant colours. It does have a generally accepted time when most people are asleep, though, and now is it.

There are still guards, though. They keep around the edge of the settlement, and occasionally give slightly wary glances towards the green flashes off in the distance. They're probably nothing: Some quirk in the atmosphere or something similar, but they could be the signs of a distant battle.

Their attention isn't really caught until shapes start shifting in the trees, mostly silent and not quite visible. One guard murmurs something to another and heads off into the forest, gun hefted high to shoot anything suspicious looking.

He returns a moment later, with spots of red around his mouth, but looking chirpy enough.
"Just an animal," brightly, to his companion, setting a hand on his back and steering him towards the forest. "Come check if there are any more."

As they walk, he reaches up to wipe at something warm leaking down from his eyes. His hand comes away red, and he wipes it on his furs as the two vanish off into the forest.

There's a sharp, strangled scream, and then they return, both smiling merrily, dabbing rapidly reddening pieces of cloth at their eyes.


In the Tae household, things are a lot less bloody, but very loud for this time of the not-evening. The old, heavily armed woman who Guppy, Teja and Kate met earlier is milling about, trying to keep control of four unruly children. One of them, a young boy, is rushing around making starfighter noises, while Lyman has hopped up on a stool to laboriously stir a vat of some kind of stew, and a young girl holds two makeshift dolls of cloth and wood in each hand.

She's keeping close to Guppy, Teja and Kate. The show is clearly for their benefit.

"'I shall defeat you, Anabellizzastein!'" She squeaks in the voice of one doll, a greying, one-eyed cloth thing with bright pink hair. The other doll, hairless and extravagantly dressed in scraps of fur, replies (in a much deeper voice): "'It's too late, Chieftain Ranalin! I have already unleashed my monster!'"

Jaq is staring out the window, brow furrowed. He is hit in the head by a large, reddish cloth doll tossed at him by his sister.

"Jaq!" The young girl calls. "I need you to come and play the monster!"

"In a minute."

The old woman settles down near Teja, Kate and Guppy, propping a gun up against her chair.
"It's crowded here, but we manage to get by."
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Out in the vast forests of Kazic III, the carpet of snow is rather abruptly disturbed as a flash of green light sends snowflakes flying outwards and animals fleeing.

A moment later, a green line appears in the air, and widens to admit (more like toss out with considerable force) three people. It flickers for a moment, before creaking closed again, and vanishing with a puff of greenish-white flame.

As far as worlds go, it's one of the more interesting ones to land in. The trees are evergreen and ridiculously tall, the snow is thick and heavy, and the sky has no sun to speak of, just shifting and glowing clouds in shades of gold, pink, amber and red.
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I bring you the vaguest of all planning posts, because I'm pretty content to just wing it, for the most part.

But, here is at least a vague outline to work with. Big spaces between lines are to seperate one thread from another.:

- Teja, Guppy and Kate arrive!
- At some point, they get taken to the town, probably by tiny!Atton.

- In the night, Fiendish Outerdimensional Creatures stealthily burrow their way inside some people to use as fleshy puppets.

- The next day, shenanigans in town. Some people acting strangely.

- Fiendish Outerdimensional Creatures attack! Kate, Guppy, and Teja head to the portal to go through and close it.
- Return to Milliways.

I have no idea what Atton will be doing, during this time. He might be thrown somewhere else on the same planet in the same time, and join up with them near the end.
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